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MaidSafeCoin MAID

$0.49029 892 sat
$0.00012 0.02%
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Community Event - Neoverse NFT giveaway RESULTS

**FIRST PLACE - #E Series 293 Core Neoverse NFT** Winning NFT was: [](
Market Cap
$221.90M 0.02%
Day's range
$0.4779 - $0.49029
24h Vol
$1.40M 52.37%
52 Week Range
$0.16365 - $1.37
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All Time High
ATH Date
April 12, 2021
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Days since ATH
1 day
$0.00012 0.02%
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-$0.00333 -0.67%
1 month
$0.00469 0.97%
3 months
$0.01308 2.74%
6 months
-$0.0851 -14.79%
1 year
$0.32663 199.59%

MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin (SAFE) is the cryptocurrency for the SAFE (Secure Access For Everyone) network.The SAFE network is an initiative to decentralize the internet. The goal is to do away with third party central servers in order to enable privacy and anonymity for internet users. The MaidSafeCoin I...

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MAID +0.02% · · 202w

MaidSafeCoin: Introducing The New Decentralized Internet

On September 19th, 2017, MaidSafeCoin had a market cap at USD $260,622,219 for the equivalent of 64,718 BTC or 894,417 ETH, with a circulating supply of 452,552,412 MAID at a price of $0.575894 per co...
MAID +0.02% · · 202w

All 3 SAFE-FS Proposals for the price of 1!!!

UPDATE: In response to the other (no offence) extremely excessively priced video proposals, I have added several stretch goals to mine, below. I have several long term marketing proposals that I’ve wr...
MAID +0.02% · · 202w

MaidSafe Dev Update - January 11, 2018

Welcome to the first dev update of 2018! Here are some of the main things to highlight this week: The Marketing team has published some high-level thoughts about what they are planning to focus on o...
MAID +0.02% · · 203w

Simulation of large scale attack

This post follows on from the simulation in Explaining group splits and merges A ‘google attack’ is when a large company (such as google) owns a significant portion of the vaults on the network. This...
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Thoughts about MAID from a fan of MaidSafe

This is the new topic for talking about the MaidSafeCoin price. The following rule from our Forum Guidelines applies to this topic: Speculation on MaidSafeCoin/Safecoin is only allowed in the Pric...
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MaidSafe Dev Update - December 21, 2017

Today, we are posting the last dev update of 2017. The team will be working intermittently over the next couple of weeks due to the holidays :christmas_tree: The next dev update will be on January 11,...
MAID +0.02% · · 206w

Maidsafe new team member: Dug Campbell

Photo by NASA on Unsplash As we hurtle towards the end of 2017, it’s time to take stock. And the verdict’s in: it’s been a crazy year in the world of cryptocurrency. But thankfully, in most cases, tha...