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AMA Recap: Open-sourcing Lisk Service

We have just published a full recap of the #Lisk Service AMA we hosted yesterday on Check out the answers given by @MichalTuleja to the questions asked by Lisk community membe...
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Lisk is Javascript platform for decentralized applications & sidechains. Using Lisk, developers can code DApps using Javascript, the most popular programming language on Github. Lisk is founded from the team behind Crypti - Olivier Beddows, CTO and Max Kordek, CEO. Both the founders were previously ...

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LSK -1.38% · · 1w

Introducing Lisk Tree

If you are interested in blockchains and cryptocurrencies, it is likely that you may have stumbled across Merkle trees (also known as hash trees). It is worth noting that almost every blockchain proje...
LSK -1.38% · · 1w

Introducing Lisk Service

After completing the development process, we are happy to announce that a new product is joining the Lisk ecosystem - Lisk Service. Lisk Service is an essential part of the Lisk product lineup, as it ...
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The Opening of Lisk Center Berlin

It is essential for our ecosystem to be grounded in a common space where community members work and collaborate towards making blockchain technology more mature and accessible. Therefore, Lisk Center ...
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Building the Lisk Crowd Project

Liskcrowd is a crowdfund platform where backers (investors) have more control over their donation. The fundraiser can allow periods of voting in which backers can cancel the project. When a project st...
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Financial Update for August 2020

Every month the Lisk Foundation provides a financial report in which monthly expenditures are transparently broken down into different categories. In the first part of the report, you can check up on ...
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Lisk Achievements of August 2020

At the end of each month, we summarize the top news, updates, and achievements of Lisk in a single blog post. Help us spread the word by retweeting all highlights to let more people know about what we...