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24D Ago
DeFi needs a plan to defend itself against centralized powers
Venture capital has attempted to take over the crypto ecosystem. DeFi is under attack from all sides and its only chance of being saved is if its community is able to fight back and defend it from those who seek to destroy it. Over the last few years venture capitalists invested billions of dollars into various projects in an attempt to stifle DeFi and push a centralized agenda. In 2021 there was over $33 billion invested into crypto projects by venture capitalists. During the 4th quarter of 2021 over $9 billion was invested into crypto projects which was the all time high for a quarter, well that was until the next quarter of Q1 2022 where VCs invested over $10 billion into crypto projects. These investments are often connected to stringent requirements and goals of regulation and centralization that end up hurting crypto. DeFi can push back against this and the advantage is really on the decentralized side because it comes down to smart money vs dumb money. The reason crypto has been so successful is because it brings forth a new paradigm where the means to create and distribute currency and stores of value are distributed among the many instead of controlled by the few. In an attempt to control this new technology old money has attempted to buy its way to the top. They are completely ignoring the fact that by continuing to push their centralized ideals they are not taking advantage of the perks that are inherit with decentralization. They are basically attempting to prop up an aging dinosaur in the crypto ecosystem and when it comes down to it their centralized projects are completely outclassed compared to the true groundbreaking decentralized projects in the crypto space. We can use this against them. All the money they are attempting to use to control crypto can be seized by true believes of decentralization if a plan is followed. The plan The biggest decentralized projects and platforms in the crypto space should get together and start an initiative to short centralized and dumb money venture capital projects. By shorting these projects the real crypto community can enrich itself and feed off these scams. Instead of seeing the crypto ecosystem littered with rugpulls and fraud the crypto community could receive a much needed boost in this bear market. This is a great opportunity for a lot of good projects to stop losing value and instead increase in price. We could turn a bad thing into a good thing by utilizing the bear market and using it as a means to transfer wealth from centralized projects to legitimate decentralized projects. I'm making a conscious effort not to list any centralized & scam coins that could be shorted because a list should be created with collaboration from the community. We could decide what exactly constitutes a project being so centralized it deems a risk to crypto as a whole and we could decide which crypto projects are fraudulent. Once this list is created the leading defi projects in the crypto space could get their communities behind the initiative to short these projects. New shorting options The options to short a coin in the crypto ecosystem currently aren't the best and these options quickly get worse when you get to the coins that aren't the very biggest in the space. That's why we as a community should work on creating new shorting options that are specifically built for crypto. Traditional Finance over decades has fleshed out a system with many options to short stocks and other financial instruments. The crypto space needs to start to create more sophisticated options to short crypto so we can fully take advantage of this bear market. Bounties could be created for devs to create these new shorting options and a lot of energy should be put into growing this segment of the crypto industry because the potential gain is huge. The payout With the combined strength of these defi communities shorting centralized & fraudulent coins we could surely make huge profits for all those involved in this initiative. The crypto market lost $2 trillion of value in 2022 and as more is lost every day the defi community could instead capture some of this lost value and distribute it among its believers. There are billions to be made here and it is a massive opportunity. When the next multi billion dollar scam or super centralized project goes bust in crypto the defi community should be ahead of the curve and short that scam all the way to the bottom. [DISPLAY_ULTIMATE_SOCIAL_ICONS]