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Storing files on the Tangle

Is it storing files on the tangle inefficient at the moment? Or is it inefficient if compared to blockchain? Or there are more advatanges storing files on the Tangle than on the blockch...
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IOTA is a distributed ledger for the Internet of Things. The first ledger with microtransactions without fees as well as secure data transfer. Quantum proof.

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IOTA: Welcome To America

As the IOTA Foundation has grown, so has its reach. As many know, we at the Foundation haven’t placed much precedence on marketing and advertising. Instead, over the last few years, we focused on…
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Welcome Dan Simerman to the IOTA Foundation

Dan Simerman is a blockchain investor and technical product manager well versed in consumer psychology, digital assets and open source software development. He lives in Brooklyn, New York where he…
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Explaining the Qubic Computation Model: part 6

In the first part of this series we have looked at a conceptual overview of the Abra specification, which describes how data flow is achieved within the Qubic Computation Model. In the second, third…
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IOTA Austin, TX Meetup

The IOTA Foundation invites you to a special event hosted by the University of Texas in the Mulva Auditorium located in the Engineering Education and Research Center starting at 5:30PM on Monday, 29 A
MIOTA +1.83% · · 1w

Vote for IRI Community Committee members

Now that the nominations for the IOTA IRI Community Committee are over, you can vote for the candidates that you would like to represent the IOTA community in this committee. Please vote for up to 5...
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Untangled Episode #10: Hannover Messe 2019

Out of the more than 6000 exhibitors at the industrial trade fair, several of them were using IOTA as their underlying data processing structure. To hear more about it all, we talked to Thorsten…
MIOTA +1.83% · · 1w

Stateful client libraries: part 2

In the previous post, we highlighted some of the major changes in the client libraries, and how they simplify development on IOTA. In this post, we’ll look closer at the concept of Conditional…
MIOTA +1.83% · · 1w

Stateful client libraries: part 1

Today, we are officially releasing the beta versions of our new stateful client libraries, which contain what we call an ‘Account module’. The name does not do justice to what is a very substantial…
MIOTA +1.83% · · 1w

IOTA IRI Community Committee - Nomination

The IOTA Foundation would like to establish a community committee that will help us with assessing the development and release for significant product changes in the IRI. The first change that is al...