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December 19, 2017
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Blockchain in e-commerce and online trading

A variety of new players have launched to expand the potential of e-commerce via blockchain, while artificial intelligence promises to open up new areas of business.
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Blockchain in space: small step or giant leap?

Blockchain could help man to boldly go where no man has gone before. Space agencies such as NASA that rely on dwindling government funding are no longer the only players in the space race. A number of...
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Cryptocurrencies – what do they really offer?

Cryptocurrencies have high profile backers and detractors – JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon referred to them as a fraud and economist Joseph Stiglitz called for them to be outlawed. Ben Bernanke, former Cha...
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Blockchain and the gaming sector

How is blockchain being used in the computer/mobile games sector? Does the technology's potential extend beyond the cartoon cats that have attracted most publicity so far this year?
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The origin of Bitcoin

The history of Bitcoin shows that it has its ultimate origin in a so-called white paper published in 2008 by, allegedly, Satoshi Nakamoto.
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How forks impact the price of cryptocurrency

While it's great to simply double the number of coins you hold, ultimately forks, especially hard forks, may not be the best thing for attracting outside investors and new folks, which, in turn, is go...