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-$3.63 -18.65%
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$3.00B -18.65%
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$15.65 - $19.45
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$1.80B 38.69%
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$3.02 - $26.73
0.21% -0.05%
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All Time High
ATH Date
February 20, 2021
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Days since ATH
1 day
-$3.63 -18.65%
1 week
-$2.81 -15.06%
1 month
-$0.19736 -1.23%
3 months
$11.68 282.30%
6 months
$10.81 215.57%
1 year
$11.50 266.25%
@huobi_pro 320
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Recent news
HT -18.65% · · 2w

NerveNetwork Updates to 1.9.0

NerveNetwork mainnet node 1.9.0 was officially released at 12:00 (UTC+8) on February 8, 2021, and the new agreement will take effect at 8:00 (UTC+8) on February 10, 2021. About version 1.9.0 • It will...
HT -18.65% · · 2w

How to scan the market 08.02.2021

The markets are moving, I am very excited to trade today, hope you feel the thrill too.
HT -18.65% · · 2w

How to scan the market 08.02.2021

The markets are moving, I am very excited to trade today, hope you feel the thrill too.
HT -18.65% · · 3w

How to scan the market 03.02.2021

ETH has pushed through to some new ATH's. It is consolidating at around 1500 while all the ALT's get ready to make their moves. Are you ready?
HT -18.65% · · 3w

How to scan the market 02.02.2021

Some of the Alt's are up for new ATH's, are you?
HT -18.65% · · 3w

How to scan the market 29.01.2021

Wallstreetbets and Dogecoin make a trader's dream come true. Be safe trading out there and got your risk control in place.
HT -18.65% · · 4w

NULS/Nerve Eases Gas Fees for Heco Crossings

NULS/NerveNetwork is now subsidizing gas fees for NULS/Nerve cross-chain project connections to Huobi ECO Chain (Heco). Nerve and Heco have already established cross-chain asset circulation. The idea ...
HT -18.65% · · 4w

How to stop worrying about the Bitcoin pullback

Bitcoin panic is notorious. People are terrified by the idea that Bitcoin can go in a bearish direction. As soon as Bitcoin abandons its trend in a bull market, panic picks up. The bloodbath after 201...
HT -18.65% · · 4w

How to scan the market 26.01.2021

Market is looking flat, rejected it's uptrend from yesterday and is currently consolidating at around 32k. Is there a shorting trend setting up?
HT -18.65% · · 4w

Why will Bitcoin win?

This article is a thought-experiment and by no means fact.  For a long time, human beings have told themselves that if we can control something and bend its workings' rules to our advantage, we would ...
HT -18.65% · · 4w

How to scan the market 22.01.2021

Bitcoin is entering a shorting trend. All the Altcoins follow with one exception: DOT is consolidating and still holding its grounds. Where are we heading next in a market where the bears take over? h...
HT -18.65% · · 5w

Embrace the volatility, trust Bitcoin

“Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme” and “Bitcoin has no value” are my favorite Keynesian counter-arguments to why Bitcoin is a valuable investment alternative. For many years, Bitcoiners had to endure the Wal...
HT -18.65% · · 5w

Why has Bitcoin value? – Yves talks Bitcoin

Understanding the value of Bitcoin means recognizing its properties as useful. Bitcoins value is of subjective nature. To understand what this means, we must dig deep. We need to know how Bitcoin is c...
HT -18.65% · · 5w

A 3-minute guide on how to start trading cryptocurrencies

A beginner-guide to trend-trading cryptocurrencies Trading cryptocurrencies can be a nerve-wracking experience. It involves you being busy doing your due diligence all the time, but you probably are s...