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Google Chrome App Wallet Problems =(

I have 56,000 digibyte coins that I put in a Digibyte Go Google chrome app wallet about three years ago. I have the wallet seed code. When I try to restore from backup with the seed I get the error: ...
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Fluttercoin is a new cryptocurrency that uses Scrypt Proof of Work, Proof of Stake and Proof of Transaction hybrid to secure the network.Proof of Transaction will reward you as long as you are involved in a transaction - which includes both sending and receiving Fluttercoins.Fluttercoin is an inflat...

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New FLT Pool - SuchPool

https://www.suchpool.pw/suchpool-small.png Nous somme fière de vous annoncez qu'il est maintenant possible de miner les Fluttercoins chez nos amis de SuchPool. Et ce dès maintenant ! Un gros...
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Fluttercoin - Wallet update - v0.7.5.17

Fluttercoin - Wallet update - v0.7.5.18 -Updated Secure messaging to prevent client crashes on sync -Fixed a bug in importwallet importprivkey related to wallet rescanning on birthday -enabled co...
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Fluttercoin - Wallet update - v0.7.5.17

Fluttercoin - Wallet update - v0.7.5.17 Major Feature Additions: Proof of Stake blocks are now are eligible for Proof of Transaction Interchangeable theme system. Theme supports menu header an...
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Fluttercoin - Wallet update - v0.7.5.16

Here are the link to download the latest release (v0.7.5.16) https://github.com/ofeefee/fluttercoin/releases/tag/v0.7.5.16-flt Release notes Traffic Graph - Menu -> Tools -> Traffic Graph Re...
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Fluttercoin Technical Videos

Thought I would start a mini series on a more technical side of fluttercoind and related stuff. Here is the first in the video series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leB8A011PgM
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FLT tutorial videos serie

Here's a few short videos presenting the new features of the Fluttercoin wallet and more. Produced by TeamFLT member kizeren. :rock: Updates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lyp0gYvWSWY&amp...
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Fluttercoin - Wallet update - v0.7.5.15

Here are the link to download the latest release (v0.7.5.15) :) https://github.com/o...g/v0.7.5.15-flt http://fluttercoin.us/download/ Release notes New Features Ubuntu PPA Config...
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Wallet update - v0.7.5.14

Here are the links to download the latest release of fluttercoin-qt (v0.7.5.14) http://fluttercoin.us/download/ New Features Secure Messaging Block Explorer GUI updates FlutterSpeed updates ...
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Super Flutter - FlutterCoin game Trailer

Hola fellas! I've been working on a Fluttercoin game that I plan to release in the next few weeks. It is an arcade game where the super flutter flaps around dodging stuff to survive, with the use o...
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FLT Bitcointalk [ANN] OP - Spanish translation

https://ip.bitcointalk.org/?u=http%3A%2F%2Ffluttercoin.us%2Fpille%2Fb_top.png&t=544&c=9r_uLNoug_gb9Q Fluttercoin es una triple moneda híbrida impulsada por la comunidad y la primera en ofrecer ...
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FLT Bitcointalk [ANN] OP - Traduction francaise

https://ip.bitcointalk.org/?u=http%3A%2F%2Ffluttercoin.us%2Fpille%2Fb_top.png&t=544&c=9r_uLNoug_gb9Q Fluttercoin, la première monnaie cryptographique à technologie de blockchain triple-hybride: P...