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Factom is a way to record entries by hashing the entries before adding it to the list. It allows for everyone to view the entries in the list and also to add onto the list but does not allow anybody to make changes to the list. Factom is very good in ensuring the integrity of data records through th...

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Factom, Inc - March 2019 ANO Update

Refactoring, new release updates, and the support of outside developers make up the success of March 2019 development efforts!
FCT -1.17% · factomize.com · 1w

New Marketing Committee Chair

Factom Community, This is my formal announcement of being elected the new chair of the marketing committee. As we all know, ramping-up marketing is...
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2019 HW Tech100 winner: Factom

Factom is helping to bring blockchain to the real estate industry through its technology offering. The Factom Blockchain is a decentralized publication protocol for building record systems that are im...
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What the Fork?! w/ Maarten Boender (Sphereon)

Today we’re gonna walk through a use case for crypto. Damo brings his old friend Morgan Lesko of Open Police Complaints together with Maarten Boender of Sphereon to talk brass tacks. How can blockc...
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Factom Protocol P2P: A TCP Gossip Network

Introduction Let’s take a closer look at Factom’s p2p protocol. Factom uses a Gossip protocol for all messages, which is a very simple protocol with a wide variety of applications. One of Factom’s mai...
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Breaking through the Blockchain noise

Last year was the year of the blockchain proof of concept. This year, we’re kicking it up a notch with real steps toward blockchain implementations. For many, blockchain is still a grand idea. For t...
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Is Guardtime a competitor to Factom?

Deployed by governments and enterprise since 2008, our KSI blockchain based products and services offer real-time immutable data integrity for electronic data, systems and networks.
FCT -1.17% · factomize.com · 5w

Factomize Core Dev Update #3

It feels good to be able to say: I finally understand how factomd and the factom protocol works. After almost forty calendar days, I have reached a point where I’m comfortable with the internal proces...