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January 14, 2018
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As a result of the hardfork of the original Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum-Classic was launched as the alternative blockchain. The main goal of the project is to ensure survival of the original Ethereum blockchain. The maintainers strive to provide alternative for people who strongly disagree with D...

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ETC +1.57% · · 5d

Don't Give Money to Kin by Saturn Network

Kik has started a donation campaign titled "Defend Crypto" over the SEC filing a lawsuit against their KIN token sale. This is an obvious scam, don't fall for it!
ETC +1.57% · · 5d

On-chain KYC is Coming - Saturn

Neuron looked at the latest developments in blockchain research by two of the largest names in the industry. The discovery? On-chain KYC is coming.
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What Some See as Toxic Others See as Security

Highly secure proof of work public blockchain social layer relations must remain defensive and unfriendly, if needed, because in systems that seek to dissolve top down leadership and governance, to up...
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CoinDeal has well over 300.000 users

Trade BTC, ETH, BCH and other in exchange for EUR. Best price on the exchange market. Immerse in the world of quick deposit & withdraw!
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Wake Up People!

Neuron explains our hardest challenges of creating a truly decentralized financial system. And that the time for Saturn DAO to be more vocal is now!
ETC +1.57% · · 1w

Open Letter To ETC Labs

That is the beauty, that nobody has to follow anything in ETC, everybody just freely adopts the rules of the network and follows the changes and decisions that are regarded as the best for themselves ...
ETC +1.57% · · 1w

Is this common knowledge?

Huge anticipation on Ethereum Classic’s bull run to reach $10 Ethereum Classic slows down just to push back with full force Ethereum Classic has shown tremendous growth in 2019, and investors are eage...