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March 16, 2019
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-$2.95 -45.52%
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ATOM +0.38% · · 1w

Criptomoneda Cosmos (ATOM) - Minar Criptomonedas

Unete al ecosistema mas interoperable de blockchains conectadas!. A si se presenta la criptomoneda Cosmos, la cual a sido desarrollada para mejorar las funciones de la blockchain y ofrecer un …
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We’ve received so many questions concerning DAOWallet and Token Swap that we decided to publish a series of Frequently Asked Questions devoted to them. The text will be expanded and updated as we keep...
ATOM +0.38% · · 4w

Atom top ranked cryptocurrency by experts

Expert reviews and scores for Cosmos: Cosmos is a decentralized protocol seeking to build an "Internet of Blockchains." Cosmos connects independent blockchains to a "Hub" chain.
ATOM +0.38% · · 5w

DAObet's Game of Stakes: And the Winner is...

“During the Game of Stakes on DAObet, we discovered and fixed bugs, identified flaws in the documentation, and gained invaluable experience. We thank all the participants of GoS for their active invol...
ATOM +0.38% · · 6w

The Validators Challenge Weekend Roundup

We sincerely hope that you had a great and productive weekend and managed to save up some strength for new victories that lie ahead.But for the participants of Game of Stakes, the weekend was a busy o...
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The validators challenge by day 3

Since the launch of GoS, the participating validators have produced an average of 24,000 blocks each A 27% stake has already been activated. A new member has joined the game: daobetglobal.Thus, 24 val...
ATOM +0.38% · · 6w

The validators challenge by day 2

Since the launch of GoS, the participating validators have produced an average of 16,000 blocks each. A 25% stake has been activated.There are currently 23 validators on the network.The wonderful fell...
ATOM +0.38% · · 7w

Failed Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Post-Mortem

Cosmos Hub 3 Upgrade Post-Mortem In preparation for the upgrade, validators halted the cosmoshub-2 chain at 11:39 am UTC. Around twenty-five minutes into the migration, multiple validators uncovered a...
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Hi, A small group of democracy loving individuals from the Cosmos Telegram channel have banded together to form a more perfect union, free of centralization and the tyranny of corrupt whales. We are...