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$377.50M 0.04%
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$1.97 - $2.06
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$123.40M -12.24%
52 Week Range
$1.15 - $7.22
0.14% < 0.01%
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All Time High
ATH Date
March 16, 2019
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Days since ATH
1 day
$0.00088 0.04%
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-$0.11525 -5.50%
1 month
-$0.00136 -0.07%
3 months
-$2.28 -53.55%
6 months
-$0.60302 -23.35%
1 year
-$1.84 -48.17%
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How to use Cyber page: the gateway app to web3

Most people on this forum are probably aware that we are building a new search protocol and a decentralized google. You can find some important info on the protocol in this forum topic. However, one t...
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Eric Meltzer on Cosmos: "Something that’s always put me off about a lot of the ETH ecosystem is that seemingly every new project comes with a new, increasingly illiquid token. Cosmos plus Bitcoin gives us the chance to create things like prediction markets without needing a new token at all."

Expert reviews and scores for Cosmos: Cosmos is a decentralized protocol seeking to build an "Internet of Blockchains." Cosmos connects independent blockchains to a "Hub" chain.
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Cosmos Community Contributor Grants

Regardless of recent organizational restructuring at Tendermint Inc in Q1, Cosmos, as an ecosystem, continues to make headway quietly under the hood. After having done several months of vetting…
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Cosmos Network: Split of ATOMs?

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