Bitcoin Cash BCH

$1,174.00 ฿0.01882
$248.08 26.88%
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Market Cap
$21.90B 26.89%
Day's range
$836.59 - $1,204.89
24h Vol
$14.00B 81.52%
52 Week Range
$217.73 - $1,204.89
0.96% 0.20%
Current Supply
Max Supply
All Time High
All Time High
ATH Date
December 20, 2017
% down from ATH
Days since ATH
1 day
$248.08 26.88%
1 week
$504.84 75.79%
1 month
-$5.95 -0.51%
3 months
$681.18 139.08%
6 months
$920.26 367.10%
1 year
$924.45 375.04%

Bitcoin Cash is a split from Bitcoin with a protocol upgrade to fix on-chain capacity. If Bitcoin Cash gets majority of Proof-of-Work then it becomes de facto Bitcoin. It will be a Bitcoin without Segregated Witness (SegWit) as soft fork, where upgrades of the protocol are done mainly through hard f...

Recent news
BCH +26.88% · · 6h

BCHN Financial Report 2021-04-17

The Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) project practices and promotes transparent reporting. Project funds are held by team members in a 3-of-5 multi-signature wallet. This wallet is used to receive donation...
BCH +26.88% · · 15h

Party Time! Bitcoin Cash BREAKS 1000$

What A day! I'm feeling really happy right now, my smartphone just notified me that Bitcoin Cash Reached 1000$ I've said this to you all, enjoy the opportunity here to earn BCH for Free,
BCH +26.88% · · 21h

Why Bitcoin Cash Will Put Casinos Out Of Business

The 'Crypto Lab' has been active again. I've lost count of how many times we've had to resupply the midnight oil for the laboratory... The project I have been experimenting with is one of the top bett...
BCH +26.88% · · 21h

BCH - Flying High To the Moon

This week’s attention and activity really focused on the BCH performance in the market. A rapid increase on its value started to notice from the time an interview was made by Cyptotexty on Marc De Mes...
BCH +26.88% · · 1d

How A Digital Euro Affects BCH

Simply put: BCH must become the "country-less" medium of value exchange. It would look like a currency without country or boundary. It would run on the Proof of Work standard of value , whether by ha....
BCH +26.88% · · 1d

I must wait for the BCH at $904

From many days I was thinking either I have to keep my BCH safe for future perspectives or sell them out to meet some needs. So it was decided to exchange them out in the local currency to buy some go...
BCH +26.88% · · 1d

The Importance Of Owning Vision (BCH)

Most people rightly proclaim value in white papers, technical details and systems. All of these are valuable, but they are also able to be adapted to by rival currencies. BTC vs BCH Most in BCH don'.....
BCH +26.88% · · 1d

Quality of Service in a Decentralized World.

When millions of people use a central service, like reddit, google or facebook, we see how quality of service is important for the brand and for the user experience. Every now and then those big servi...