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Trying to stop some of the FUD around here

I see a lot of questions around how things can be sustainable etc, in this post i will try to explain my understanding of some of them. Disclaimer: im not in any way associated with [](htt...
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Ardor is a blockchain-as-a-service platform that allows people to utilize blockchain technology through the use of child chains. Since all processing will be done on the Ardor main chain, child chain creators won’t need to worry about common issues when creating a blockchain as well as securing it w...

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ARDR -5.33% · · 4w

2100news' Coin highlights: Ardor

We present you Ardor (ARDR) Large-cap Coin which is 53 in 2100NEWS ranking and has the ordinary quality of the order book.
ARDR -5.33% · · 11w

Jelurida's Weekly Wins - Aug 02,

Jelurida closes a successful week at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU); Ardor noted in new blockchain market report for the Insurance industry; Team building event in Lugano this weekend...
ARDR -5.33% · · 13w

Thoughts edition 2 | NXTER.ORG

This is the second edition of the “thoughts” series. A space where I express my feelings about projects, development and anything surrounding Blockchain and the Ardor world. The first edition was post...
ARDR -5.33% · · 13w

Jelurida's Weekly Wins - July 19

Donau University announces call for contributors for new "Blockchain and the Gaming Sector" book focused on Ardor and Nxt applications; Jelurida Africa attended an event hosted by the Nigerian-British...
ARDR -5.33% · · 14w

Jelurida's Weekly Wins - July 12

Jelurida Africa featured in The Nation News; Ardor included in "Global Blockchain Security Solutions" report by Market Research Vision; Lightweight "green smart contracts" on Hackernoon; Snapshot of I...
ARDR -5.33% · · 14w

What is the SIGBRO app? | NXTER.ORG

First, the purpose of the SIGBRO app is not to be another mobile wallet but to let users easily: 1) log safely in to SIGBRO-compatible wallets/clients/web UIs with their Ardor account ID, without havi...
ARDR -5.33% · · 14w

Some SIGBRO app use cases | NXTER.ORG

OK, let’s look at the first example use cases for SIGBRO. Log in to We developed a WordPress plugin for SIGBRO. Anyone can install it on their WordPress site. It’s already live on
ARDR -5.33% · · 15w

Jelurida's Weekly Wins - July 05

iCommunity Labs to leverage Ardor technology; Nxt blockchain prepares new features for launch; More teasers of the new website now available; Jelurida Africa to co-host meetup on July 6; Block height ...