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Ardor POS can't fall victim to Hashwars CSW

So, I think people should be posting more on Twitter about Ardor being immune from Craig Wright's attack, I'm guessing this is true. Unless he bought a bunch. I technically can't defend this that well...
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$80.30M 3.30%
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January 16, 2018
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$0.00257 3.30%
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-$0.21442 -72.74%
1 year
-$0.1551 -65.87%

Ardor is a blockchain-as-a-service platform that allows people to utilize blockchain technology through the use of child chains. Since all processing will be done on the Ardor main chain, child chain creators won’t need to worry about common issues when creating a blockchain as well as securing it w...

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ARDR +3.30% · · 7w

New Ardor series on YouTube | NXTER.ORG

Ardor, Lightweight Contracts, NXT cryptocurrency, all explained in the ArdorBlockchain channel, but who is the host of these series? Nxter had a chat with CryptoDemetrius about his vision and being pa...
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Ardor live price, charts, market cap and latest news

Get everything you need to know about Ardor (ARDR) price, charts and market cap. All the latest cryptocurrency news and trends. Find the latest and most accurate ethereum live price on Coin Stats.
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Asset Exchange on Ardor - the hidden gem

When NXT introduced the Asset Exchange to the world, it was the most advanced feature any cryptocurrency had ever seen at that point in time. It was allowing anyone to issue an asset and trade it on t...