OneRare - ORARE
OneRare - $75,000 Ingredient NFT Airdrop🍎

Participate in OneRare - $75,000 Ingredient NFT Airdrop🍎.
Get up to 5 NFT

OneRare - $75,000 Ingredient NFT Airdrop🍎
Total Airdrop Amount10000 ORARE
Number of Winners2000
How to participate?

How to Participate?

###Complete 9 simple steps to participate in the $75,000 OneRare Ingredient AirDrop:

1 ⭐ Add OneRare ($ORARE) to your CMC Watchlist

2 🍋 Follow OneRare on CMC Community

3 🍟 Follow OneRareNFT on Twitter

4 🍕 Tag 3 of your friends and retweet this Pinned Tweet

5 🌿 Follow our Founder on Twitter

6 🍉 Join OneRare on Telegram

7 🍎 Follow OneRare on Instagram

8 🫐 Join us on Discord

9 🥭 Join our SubReddit

###Learn More About the Airdrop Campaign Here!

The winners will be announced here on CMC. They will be able to claim their NFTs via a special pool.

###How It Works

OneRare is the world’s first play to own web3 game for foodies on Polygon.

The objective of the game is to collect ingredients to make dishes. Eg 🛢+🥔 + 🧂=🍟

These ingredients can be procured from the marketplace or harvested by staking $ORARE tokens at the farm.

Every time a Dish is minted in the kitchen, the price of the next mint goes up by 2 ingredients each. Eg, now you will need 3 of each ingredient to mint the second french fries 3🛢+3🥔 +3🧂=🍟(2nd Mint)

These dishes can be used to play food truck wars and win more $ORARE Tokens.

Use the Marketplace to trade Dishes and make profits. Attractive Prizes for top gamers on the Leaderboard.