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Our second Boston Zcash meetup is October 2! Featuring talks on Sapling and privacy outreach on campuses. Join our zeal!

Sapling is the most significant development to Zcash to date, bringing, among other advances, the ability for mobile phones to create fully shielded transactions in seconds!

Join us as we welcome Paige Peterson of Zcash Company to our second meetup. She'll demonstrate the major leaps in privacy and usability coming to Zcash later this month with the activation of Sapling, and lay out the blueprint for the future of internet cash.

We'll be joined also by Oyedeji Oluwoye of Coincentrix, Zcash Foundation grant recipients, who has brought the message of financial privacy and freedom to numerous colleges and associations in the South. We'll hear of the valuable insights he gained in surveying hundreds of participants on the subject of privacy in their lives, resulting in key takeaways for outreach opportunities.

For more info on Sapling:

https://blog.z.cash/perspectives-on-sapling/ https://blog.z.cash/sapling-addresses-turnstile-migration/ https://blog.z.cash/sapling/

Go to meetup.com
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