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Waves Reward Token airdropped to WCT holders

Waves Reward Token airdropped to WCT holders

The token includes smart features and will be used by the community to thank our Ambassadors!

We recently launched the Waves Reward Token programme. WRT is a special token that the community can use to thank some of the most influential and helpful members of the Waves ecosystem. As you may be aware, this token is also a calling card for some of the features that Waves’ smart assets can provide. For example, the attached script will ensure that only Ambassadors themselves can sell WRT. The tokens will only be redeemable with the Waves team.

Airdrop report

Last week we issued a total of 1,744,400 Waves Reward Tokens. We dropped half of these — 872,200 WRT — to the 8,722 Waves addresses that contained at least 10 Waves Community Tokens. The remaining 872,200 were sent to the Waves team for future distributions.

Reward your Ambassadors!

We are in the process of compiling a list of Waves Ambassadors. Those on the list can be rewarded using WRT today. (Each time we include a new Ambassador, the script whitelist needs to be updated, so please bear with us as we add further members.) Some of our current Ambassadors include:

Aleksandr Beloussov, Tallinn, Estonia

Aleksandr has been with us for a year and a half and has done so many useful things for the platform that we cannot list them all here! (And no doubt you are already familiar with his work.) We would like to express our gratitude to Aleksandr for his contributions and hope that others like him will join us!

Wallet: 3PKnYbrB3Ut3iyiMoLbugPAUqt4nWQSJBCH

Irlan Pierre, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Irlan is the founder of Waves’ Brazilian Community, and has attended several events in different regions of Brazil to spread the word about Waves. Thank you, Irlan!

Wallet: 3PDEnVbcLhsYbssbLbo3mHCwZYPAxD9JQQZ

Aleksei Pupyshev, St.Petersburg, Russia

Aleksei is a consultant, tech advisor in the f...

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