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Outstanding New Dice Game Added to Waves Ecosystem

Outstanding New Dice Game Added to Waves Ecosystem

We are thrilled to introduce a new Waves blockchain-powered game!

The folks at Tradisys have delivered once again, with a fantastic new dice game. The smart-contract powered game is — hands down — better than anything else that currently exists in the blockchain space in terms of design and UX, technology and transparency.

All you’ll need is a Waves wallet and Waves Keeper installed for your browser. The game is fully decentralised and you can actually check what’s going on behind the scenes as you play, meaning it’s absolutely transparent in real time.

Start by selecting up to five numbers from your dice. The more faces you add, the higher your chances of winning — but your prize WAVES will be proportionally lower. You can stake 2, 5, 10, 15 or 20 WAVES on each game.

When you hit Play, Waves Keeper will pop up and confirm your numbers, and the amount (including the transaction fees). After just a few seconds, you’ll find out what number you rolled and whether you won! If you did, the WAVES will appear in your account after 1 block or around 1 minute.

There’s a built-in rating system and if you turn out to be lucky then you’ll end up on the leaderboard, as well as picking up some prize WAVES. If you’re not so lucky, you’ll be pleased to hear that all the WAVES collected from the game will be sent to the the Charity fund.

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