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Bringing VeChainThor dApps to the web with Comet – Totient

Bringing VeChainThor dApps to the web with Comet. TotientBlockedUnblockFollowFollowing

Nov 8

Comet is a native wallet for your web browser that enables direct communication with the VeChainThor blockchain. Comet provides developers with a powerful platform to create and distribute dApps, and a familiar environment for users to experience the many benefits of blockchain applications.

DApps bring more secure and transparent solutions to their centralized counterparts. Decentralized exchanges, crypto collectibles, and prediction markets are just a few examples of the many kinds of dApps.

Unlocking VeChainThor for developers.

VeChainThor is a robust blockchain platform with many innovations that transform the capabilities of dApps, but there hasn’t been a straightforward way for developers to create and distribute these applications, until now.

With Comet, VeChainThor becomes the number one blockchain platform for developers to build the decentralized applications of tomorrow.

Comet supports Web3, the most widely adopted JavaScript framework for developing web-based blockchain applications.

Comet will also support Connex, a Web3 alternative developed by VeChain to provide a more developer-friendly and powerful way for dApps to interact with the VeChainThor blockchain.

Comet provides an easy to use wallet interface for sending, receiving, and signing transactions, while maintaining a decentralized security model with self-custody of assets. Decentralized, streamlined, and integrated. With Comet, your funds are securely stored on your own computer. We do not store your private keys in a centralized database, and you are always in full control over your assets. Comet comes with a streamlined wallet interface that makes managing your crypto assets a breeze. Comet hides many of the complexities of the blockchain in the background. Comet integrates directly with Totient’s products and the VeChainThor ecosyst...
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