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Tron Officially Enters Neoworld, Builds a 'Top-ranked' Building

Love him or hate him, you’ve got to give credit to Tron CEO Justin Sun for clinging onto every opportunity to push the Tron ecosystem to potential adopters. In a new development on that front, Sun took to Twitter on November 8, 2018, to announce that Tron has entered a new partnership with NeoWorld, a blockchain-powered massively multiplayer online (MMO) roleplaying game.

Neither party has so far divulged the specifics defining the partnership, except for that “TRON has already successfully entered NeoWorld.”

What Exactly is NeoWorld?

NeoWorld is an online virtual world built using blockchain technology. It offers multiplayer gameplay where users, according to the company, can immerse themselves in a 3D virtual environment while exploring new frontiers, pursuing careers, accumulating wealth, creating skylines, and building legacies.

Additionally, users can interact among themselves, have fun, and even create personal and professional networks. The gameplay also offers land parcels for purchase where users can construct buildings and increase their value. As of today, NeoWorld has sold more than 100,000 land parcels wherein no less than 7.5 million buildings have been raised.

The developers claim on the official NeoWorld portal:

“NeoWorld does not sell any virtual items to its users for profits. Its developer team encourages trades and business activities amongst users, and charges transaction fees as a means to support its operations.” NeoCash: An In-game Crypto Token

As pointed out in the project’s whitepaper [PDF], NeoWorld offers an Ethereum-based ERC223 token that enables trades and other monetary activities within the gameplay. The game introduces this token as NeoWorld Cash (NASH) claiming that it is backed by a “complex economic model.”

Blokt is yet to independently verify how “complex” and sustainable this economic model is, but judging by the content of the white paper; it is obvious that a lot o...

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