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First Major DAPP on Tezos Rebranded: VIAZ.io (Re-Branded from Skynetworld.org)

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It happens. People have arguments. It’s rarely about who wins or who loses because it’s never that simple. To a greater or lesser extent everyone involved gets hurt if the fight is allowed to continue. There are far better ways in which to resolve differences. It would appear the re-branding of Skynetworld.org is just such a case.

On Sept 25, 2018, Skynetworld.org made a public announcement on CCN informing the world of its existence. Within twenty-four hours of this breaking news, all hell broke loose. The highly anticipated and so-called first major DAPP on the Tezos blockchain was immediately assailed by the community of the similarly named Skynet Open Network. Amidst allegations of plagiarism and a desire to ride on the coattails of an already established brand, Skynetworld.org was compelled to reassess its own branding decision.

Notwithstanding Skynetworld.org’s own internal investigation which found it had registered its Facebook account named Skynetworld.org on May 21, 2018, compared to Open Singularity’s registration date of July 3, 2018. Skynetworld.org nevertheless decided to stand down. Skynetworld.org registered its Twitter account in May 2018. Open Singularity registered its Twitter account in July 2018.

Skynet Open Network registered its Telegram account one day before Skynet Community did, on July 5, 2018.

Open Singularity Team opened its Reddit account on March 15, 2018. Skynet World opened its Reddit account on May 22, 2018.

Clearly, everyone was scrambling for names, although with no malice intended. In other words, it would appear that at that point in history the name was not the issue it would subsequently become.

According to P.S.M., the C.E.O. of VIAZ,

“Some challenges are more benign than others. In the en...

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