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Experts believe that the Rothselans manipulate USDT

Bitfinex Investigation Outcomes: Manipulations with the Fall in the USDT, Trading Bots Involved

Source: https://www.coinspeaker.com/2018/10/19/bitfinex-investigation-outcomes-manipulations-with-the-fall-in-the-usdt-trading-bots-involved/

Anomalous growth of Bitcoin and decrease in the USDT on Bitfinex: what really hides behind the scenes, what does it have to do with mysterious IMMO and whose trading bots in charge of massive USDT sales? Answers seem to be found now.

One Bitfinex employee, with access to insider information, has shared details of the Bitfinex investigation in regards to the anomalous growth of Bitcoin and decrease in the USDT. According to the employee, Bitfinex itself was not connected to the situation. Although, a third-party connected network of trading bots, that were set up for massive USDT sales, were implicated in the Bitcoin exchange rate manipulation.

Bitfinex managed to find a connection between the accounts and, following the transactions of the wallets belonging to them, de-anonymized the possible initiator of the one-day Tether ‘crisis.’ An independent analyst who prepared the report for Bitfinex believes that IMMO was involved in the attack, which many media associate with the dynasty of bankers — the Rothschilds.

October 15, but not 1987 — Black Monday for Tether

At the same time as the price of Bitcoin showed anomalous growth on Monday, approaching close to $7,800, the Tether ‘USDT’ rate fell by about 7% against the US dollar, to which it is theoretically pegged 1–1. It is noteworthy that the Bitcoin spread at its peak moment reached about $1,000. While Bitfinex registered a course at $7,788. At Coinbase, for example, the maximum price of Bitcoin was $6,810.

The big difference in the Bitcoin exchange rate on Bitfinex and other exchanges was explained by the divergence of the USDT rate and the real US dollar. The Bitcoin increase was due to the massive sale of USDT on the Bitfinex exchange, w...

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