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State of the OMG Ecosystem – OmiseGO Network

State of the OMG Ecosystem

There have been many developments over the last several months, and it’s time for an updated summary of the respective elements of OmiseGO and the OMG ecosystem — along with the context for what we’re building; the progress that’s been made and what’s on the horizon.

We’re providing a graphic here to reflect the to-date status of major milestones, but we’re not putting dates on it. It’s been our experience that the milestone model has led to a cycle of waiting, speculation, frustration, brief excitement upon release, and then recommencement of waiting, with not enough clarity in between. Instead, we’ve worked with community members on this tracker to show progress on a smaller timescale, listing out the tasks to be completed toward each milestone. We hope that this task list, which we will reference in our weekly updates to help you follow along, will make the periods between full-on milestones a bit less mysterious and interminable.

Major Milestone Progression

We’ll try to provide enough context within this post that a new-ish reader won’t have to read every page of the Official Guide to follow along, but we’ll also provide some recommended reading to go into more depth on each element.

What OMG is made of

We’re building a frictionless, permissionless, trustless payments network as a public good. The OMG Network will serve everyone as a globally accessible decentralized exchange in which value of any type can be transacted. The key components of the OMG Network ecosystem are:

eWallet Suite and Application Interface Plasma — A Blockchain Scalability Framework Decentralized Exchange Layer Proof-of-Stake Consensus Mechanism Application Interface

eWallet Suite

The eWallet Suite is a completely free and open source software toolkit developed by OmiseGO to seamlessly onboard merchants and users to the OMG Network. In the early documentation, this was referred to as an eWallet SDK, but that wasn’t ...

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Hoard: The Future of Gaming

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Hoard: The Future of Gaming

Flying Bisons prepared UX strategy for Hoard. Extensive discovery phase, Personas, IDIs, Value Proposition, Product Road Map. See the case study.