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Community Update — October 2018

Community Update — October 2018

And if you celebrate, Happy Halloween to you! Here’s what we were up to in October.

Technical Update

eWallet Suite

This month, the eWallet Suite team managed to cover quite a bit of ground as well as prepare themselves for Devcon IV.

eWallet Application

As complex as it was, the eWallet settings feature was finalized. The team fixed some bug issues with the preloaded exchange pairs, which weren’t loading properly, improved the transaction flow to our iOS point of sale application, released iOS SDK 1.1.0-beta2 and implemented a support transaction request for an admin module on the Android SDK.

Android Point of Sale Applications

For Android, the version number and endpoint address to the profile and sign in pages were added to the Client Application. A balance detail page was implemented as well as primary token setting ability. To improve navigation flow, the team has switched to the Android Navigation Component. Support for transaction requests on the Client Application has been implemented and a new sub-app dedicated to load testing was added.

iOS Point of Sale and SDK

A number of key features in the merchant Point of Sale application were added, including, but not limited to, the app icon, launch screen, receive funds and top up. Error handling was improved and the team started to add admin endpoints in the iOS SDK. Other support functions added include transaction request/consumption flow in the admin SDK, swift 4.2 in the SDK and Point of Sale applications and base files for the Point of Sale application.

What’s in store…

Next month, the eWallet Suite will be working on the following features:

Admin permission matrix Transaction auditing Improving error reporting Additions to iOS and Android Point of Sale apps

Again, you can always follow the eWallet Suite team’s progress on Waffle board.

For more details, read our eWallet Suite update...

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