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How Hoard Created the first OMG Network Application: Plasma Dog

Hoard is the First to Use the OMG Network

Hoard partnered with OmiseGO to make True Ownership in video games a reality. The partnership is match made in crypto-heaven because OmiseGO’s ambitious mission is to Unbank the Banked. Consider this: who is more “banked” than gamers? Except for a handful of blockchain-based game experiments, all video game assets ever are held by a custodian — their games’ servers. There is no such thing as cash in these synthetic worlds! (at least not yet)

While the long term vision of the OMG Network is primarily to process traditional financial payment activities, it makes a lot of sense to begin with video games. Video games require all the same functionality as legacy finance: you need to be able buy, sell, trade, rent, loan, collateralize, incorporate (guilds), etc. In fact, in many cases video games require greater levels of complexity than are even possible in the real world.

The point is: video games are a $100 billion per year industry that can simultaneously operate as a sandbox for innovation for the larger Ethereum ecosystem. They’re a perfect place to #BUIDL.

Bringing Plasma Dog to Life with Vysehrad Tesuji Plasma Tesuji Plasma’s architecture allows users to take advantage of cheaper transactions with higher throughput without sacrificing security. The design is heavily based on the Minimal Viable Plasma design.

Tesuji is the initial implementation of Plasma by OmiseGO and is the basis for the first release of the OMG Network. It has been on OmiseGO’s internal testnet since August and is the infrastructure upon which Hoard built Plasma Dog. As a nod to the hard work done by the OmiseGO team, we incorporated all of the key architectural features, such as double spends, fraudulent exits, and UTXOs, into the design of the characters and mechanics of the game. Check out the list of Plasma Dog’s enemies, friendlies, and rewards!

Evil Double Spends! Don’t let them touch you! Enemies Insuffici...
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Hoard: The Future of Gaming

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Hoard: The Future of Gaming

Flying Bisons prepared UX strategy for Hoard. Extensive discovery phase, Personas, IDIs, Value Proposition, Product Road Map. See the case study.