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How is SingularityNET Changing the World of AI?

The world is covered with worries and fears regarding Artificial Intelligence and what the future holds for it. For other people like Ray Dalio and Richard Branson, AI will become aggravation factor for wealth gap and will loom social crisis. Some think that it will bring wide privacy implications in years to come.

Many people are criticizing and doubting the real potentials of AI which in fact, can become the man’s utmost resource for making an objective world. Of course, this could only happen if people use and form it the right way. To tell the truth, there are some ethical concerns and serious problems enclosed on the development of AI. But if we look on a deeper sense, we can say that the real issue would become the man itself.

With Proper Execution, AI can Form a Better World!

Automation really contributes to the aggregating inequality in some countries. Income gap widens among countries social classes. But what people hardly notice is that, differences between countries itself is declining because of the positive blend of universal trade and advances in the field of computation, communication, delivery and industrial technologies.

China is notably observed to be currently heading in the status level of giant countries like on Europe and America. Automation driven by AI has something to do with the rise of China economically. Factory robotic, supply chain development and other processes have definitely enhanced the efficiency of China.

In an advance perspective, AI will offer a vital chance for developing country to continue progress in the next years to come. It can contribute to their economic growth rate. In case AI advances lead to thorough revolutions, it will be useful in the future world. Areas where superintelligence has been settled will initially receive the benefits its mounting benefits. Moreover, AI levels the economy by progressing main infrastructure in the emerging society. It will enable any country to partici...

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