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Why Debit Cards And Visa Could Save Cryptocurrencies

The introduction of physical cards loaded with cryptocurrencies could see a mass market integration like no other.

If you’re new to cryptocurrency, then chances are you’re thinking ‘How do I spend it?’ After all, while great for transferring money, a large number of online shopping experiences require you to input physical card details. With transfer fees to consider, crypto doesn’t always make sense to the serious shopper.

There are several companies out there who offer physical debit cards linked to a cryptocurrency exchange, but for the people I have spoken to, they are worried about the physical security of the cash. So I was intrigued to learn that one such debit-card offering company Wirex, based in London, was recently granted UK Financial Conduct Authority approval. A pretty large rubber stamp in the grand scheme of financial security.

Why is FCA approval so important?

After the 2008 banking crash, the FCA became more stringent. Its job is to measure the security of the banking industry, enhance market integrity and protect it, as it is accountable to the UK treasury. Currently, it regulates over 56,000 financial services and markets, but new applications can take 12-months to approve and can only be done by submitting governance and monitoring paper works that underline the integrity of an organization.

It also means that holders that have been approved and granted a license can then create e-money accounts in over 25 different currencies allowing the possibility to trade securely around the globe.

Called the E-money License, recipients of the certificate can freely operate in 23 countries from the European Union as well as issue personal International Banking Numbers, legal ATM cards, exchange services and hold client funds in segregated accounts instead of company accounts.

The Wirex platform already supports over 50 altcoins including NEM, NEO, XRP and LTC and all...

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