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⚡️Announcing lnd v0.5-beta! ⚡️

Today, we’re excited to announce the latest release of lnd, v0.5-beta! The key focus for this release was to enable end-user apps (aka “light clients”) with a BIP 157/158-compliant implementation of the Neutrino protocol. In addition, we’ve made major improvements in safety and security of user funds, along with features that lay the groundwork for the next release of lnd, which will focus on routing nodes. We’ve also added another Tor privacy option, and as always, we’ve made numerous improvements to optimize performance and increase reliability. A few of the highlights are listed below, and for the full details, please see the release notes.

Neutrino support for “light client” apps

As mentioned, a key focus of this release was building the infrastructure to support high-quality end-user apps. Implementation of the BIP 157/158-compliant Neutrino protocol in lnd v0.5-beta is a major milestone in this direction. Neutrino dramatically reduces the CPU, memory, storage, and bandwidth required to use Lightning, since it’s no longer necessary to run a full Bitcoin node. On Tuesday, we released the newly-designed Lightning App (testnet alpha) built on Neutrino so that we can gather feedback from users about how best to present Lightning in an intuitive way. In addition to the core Neutrino implementation, we also worked hard to optimize blockchain syncing for light clients with a several caching and logic improvements.

Safety and privacy

Related to improving lnd’s support for end-user apps, we’ve also added a number of changes to make lnd and Lightning safer for users. One significant improvement is in “dataloss protection,” which is necessary when a device is lost or data becomes corrupted. In lnd v0.5-beta, users can now recover from certain kinds of database corruption. More importantly, some of the core code for handling recoveries is now in place, particularly the procedure for closing channels in cases of data loss. Combi...

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