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Top 5 Crypto To Stake With $100 or Less (August 2018) | Best Dividends / Rewards on a Budget

Top 5 Crypto To Stake With $100 or Less (August 2018) | Best Dividend / Reward — Paying Tokens Kevin O’Leary | Famous for ‘Shark Tank’ and making hopeful dreamers weep

It doesn’t take a “shark” like Kevin O’Leary to understand the value in dividends. Assets that pay you for holding them have long been a staple of a balanced portfolio. Why should cryptocurrency be any different?

Finding legitimate, reward-paying crypto tokens, however, can be difficult. Not everyone can afford, or should risk, 1,000 DASH for a masternode (equivalent to $200,000 USD at the time of writing). And smaller ‘Proof of Stake’ coins may take years to reward a small stake holder…if they ever do.

So does that mean you’re out of luck?

I am not a financial advisor nor is Seinfeld’s ‘Soup Nazi’

Nope. Here’s my list of the 5 best Proof of Stake / dividend / reward-paying cryptocurrencies for investors with little or small capital.

I’ve chosen these tokens based on the following subjective, strictly opinion-based, definitely not financial advice, criteria;

Must receive rewards within 1 month with less than $1,000 invested Expected growth & future value Ease of the staking / reward claiming process Frequency of reward payments The “cheap, hot alts” technical analysis indicator as defined by Doug Polk Top 3 Most Popular Cryptocurrency Hub Articles: 1. The Bitcoin Bubble Post Mortem 2. Ethereum and Blockchain Technology 3. The CryptoKitties Economy 4. A Crypto that will Pay You

ARK is a crypto “sandbox” of sorts. It intends to be a user friendly platform, a currency, a developer’s utopia (with API’s already available for most modern programming languages), a Smart Bridge between all other tokens and so much more. Ark’s goals are lofty to say the least but, so far, their roadmap progress has been stellar. Ark version 2.0, a complete rewrite of the original Lisk-forked code, was released in June 2018.

Ark Fork History: Original code forked from...
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