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Tech Company Combinates OBD, GPS and IOTA Tangle to Revolutionize Car Parking Word Wide

Today Lithuanian tech company carVertical presented carVertical.CITY, a platform which will step by step bring the IoT benefits from futuristic articles to real life, starting with a global unified solution for automatic car parking.

carVertical.CITY automatically starts counting time when you park a car in the paid zone. What is even more important, it automatically stops the timer when you drive away, so you don’t waste a penny.

The platform is the result of successfully completed ICO in January. Now the team is already presenting an app which someday should become an irreplaceable tool for millions of drivers around the globe. Users will be able to download carVertical.CITY app on AppStore and Google Play, which soon will be available.

A cute combination

Company combines OBD features, GPS and IOTA Tangle to Revolutionize Car Parking.

We created a cute combination of #OBD, #GPS and #IOTA #Tangle possibilities, then gave it a name. Meet, a platform which will bring #iot benefits to the real life, starting with an automatic car parking. Watch the video and more: — carVertical (@carVertical_com) November 7, 2018 How it works

A driver needs only to install carVertical OBD device in the car and download carVertical.CITY app. All the hard work is done by the carVertical team, contributing with IOTA distributed ledger and GPSWOX, the provider of global GPS tracking solutions.


An OBD device tracks your car and processes data to the IOTA Tangle. When your vehicle is riding, it’s being constantly checked via GPS. Coordinates, engine status, and battery level are stored as an IOTA transaction.

If the vehicle stops in the paid parking zone, carVertical.CITY automatically records parking start time and price in the zone. When you drive away, an app autonomously makes a new IOTA transa...

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