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Qubic status update November 3rd 2018 – IOTA Blog

Qubic status update November 3rd 2018

October flew by in a hurry. While expanding the Abra support library AbraLib we found cause for a few minor changes to the Abra language to make it easier to use. In addition AbraLib was cleaned up and some initial best practices/patterns were established.

The interpreter was further expanded to handle state variables correctly, and an initial Qubic Dispatcher was created that can dispatch event data between outside data sources and internal Qubic entities represented by Abra functions. Our next step will be a plug-in system that allows us to plug in any type of data source as needed.

Another expansion to the interpreter is a first version of the Verilog source code generator that will be used to generate code for FPGAs. The generated code is nowhere near to what it needs to be yet, but now that we have a starting point that is easily modifiable means we’ll be making quick progress once we start testing against actual FPGAs.

AbraLib was also expanded further. First we added the missing integer division function. Then a set of preliminary fixed point and floating point arithmetic functions. The floating point functions, in particular, highlight the versatility of Abra. The code is very general, yet you can tailor the size of the floating point types exactly to your needs in a way that is unmatched by any other language. The size of both the mantissa and the exponent can be specified separately, independent from each other. Here are a few example floating point types from AbraLib:

type TinyFloat { mantissa [Tiny] // +/- 9,841 exponent [Tiny] // +/- 3^9,841}type Float { mantissa [Int] // +/- 3,812,798,742,493 exponent [Tiny] // +/- 3^9,841}type HugeFloat { mantissa [Int2] // +/- 29,074,868,501,520,029,845,195,084 exponent [Tiny2] // +/- 3^193,710,244} The importance of our community

Our community got involved even further during this month. Ben75 kept updating his IntelliJ synta...

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