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To who is wondering what happended to the MIT Media Lab / DCI controversy

Ethereum is being hit with the exact same playbook used on IOTA Andrew Munro 4 September 2018 NEWS

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The remarkable similarities seem a little bit beyond coincidence.


A piece on TechCrunch by Jeremy Rubin has made waves by arguing that Ethereum is economically doomed, and that even if "Ethereum ends up succeeding wildly... ETH becomes worthless." The crux of the argument is that the nature of Ethereum as a platform for other tokens is inherently at odds with Ether's value growth, and that ETH doesn't have any future or value proposition.

Vitalik Buterin has since responded, pointing out that the entire crux of the piece hinges on the assumption that Ethereum will stay exactly as it is today, which obviously isn't the case. In fact, Buterin says, the issues described have active solution proposals currently being publicly and prominently discussed.

The case against Ethereum is mostly that its token has no value as gas. This is because it's mostly about secondary projects with their own tokens built on top of Ethereum. These projects can distribute their own...

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BMW’s Group IT Centre in Munich will be hosting over 30 companies from the MOBI in order to share knowledge and experience, as well to promote and develop common standards for applying blockchain.