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What to Expect at TruffleCon 2018 – ConsenSys Media

What to Expect at TruffleCon 2018

We’re gearing up for TruffleCon 2018 October 5–7 in Portland, OR, USA. Here’s what to expect — and here’s how to get a ticket if you haven’t already. You won’t want to miss this.

The word is out. October 5–7 in Portland, OR, USA your favorite developer tool Truffle will be hosting its first event to bring together developers from across the Ethereum ecosystem. The event is the first-ever event created for the Truffle community, those who actively build using Truffle’s framework for smart contract development on Ethereum. For three days, attendees will learn, engage, and participate through a series of talks, panels, and workshops geared toward the novice users and expert builders alike. For those of you who have pulled the trigger and purchased a ticket, here’s a sneak peak of a bit of what you can expect at TruffleCon 2018. For those of you still on the fence, learn more and grab a conference and workshop ticket [link below]. Hint: use the code BOXOFCHOCOLATES on September 13th only for 51% off the ticket.

Tim Coulter, founder of Truffle, explains, “Developers attach their identity to the tools they’re using. People are congregating around Truffle, and want to learn from and collaborate with the people who are using the tools. We aim to host a conference where people can engage with their peers and share insights on how best to use the tool. We hope attendees will leave inspired, and that the knowledge shared will transform the how people build.”

Workshops, Friday October 5

Truffle Crash Course for Beginners (Ben Burns, Truffle) New to Truffle and just getting your feet wet? Seasoned veteran but curious to refresh on the basics? Ben Burns of Truffle gives a 101 of Truffle to kick off the weekend.

Using Drizzle to build dapps (Josh Quintal + Adrian Li, Truffle) Catching up with recent releases by Truffle? This workshop covers Truffle’s most recent release, Drizzle. Learn from Josh Quintal and Ad...

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