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Scalable blockchains as data layers | Vitalik Buterin

Slides:加入 Meetup 以得知下次聚會時間地點: 討論: 。請先從網站取得邀請信:­/252hNY0 通關密語:decentralized臉書社團:歷次講座投影片、程式碼整理:

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Ethereum Trade Idea

Ethereum has been trading inside a channel in the last two weeks. With $140 upper resistance  line and $130 support line. Also, it is trad...
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district0x Dev Update - March 19th, 2019

The past development cycle has seen the nearly entire district0x organization shift energy into testing and improving Meme Factory. The District Registry continues working towards a complete Aragon…
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Why The Cryptocurrency Space Is Stronger Than Ever

It’s safe to say bitcoin is now a legitimate financial asset. The same can’t be said for all cryptocurrencies, which is why the volatility of the past year was a blessing for the cryptocurrency space.
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HYGH STO. Tokio Hotel on blockchain

German teenagers decided to hustle on cheap outdoor advertising. The Kaulitz brothers, dead Colt, and a living member of the UBEX team as witnesses.   Remember the Tokio Hotel band? That band where th...