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Origin launches its decentralized marketplace protocol on Ethererum

Today we are ecstatic to announce Origin’s Mainnet Beta! At the end of September, we quietly launched the first versions of our smart contracts to Mainnet and deployed the Origin marketplace DApp.

Origin Protocol was incorporated one year ago today on 10/9/17. We are proud that our engineering team has consistently shipped code and followed through on our commitment to launch at the end of Q3.

This is an important milestone to achieve our mission of enabling peer-to-peer commerce on the blockchain. Today, real buyers and sellers can transact without onerous transaction fees. Our users have self-sovereign identity (they manage and control their own data) through ERC-725 and can communicate over secure and fully decentralized messaging.

During our Mainnet Beta period, buyers and sellers will be able to transact with real ETH on a Craigslist-style marketplace. This is a beta though, so we are still in the process of adding many new features like fractional usage listings (think Airbnb or GetAround) and multi-unit listings (think ecommerce or ticketing). We’re also actively debugging issues and ensuring platform security as our smart contracts are still being audited. As such, we ask that you enthusiastically use our product, but also exercise caution when transacting on the DApp. Here are a few important things you should know:

Decentralized applications work a little differently. Your data is stored on the blockchain and IPFS instead of on our servers. Your account is your Ethereum wallet. Make sure you safely store your private keys because we can’t help you recover them if you lose them. Be careful when dealing with counterparties you don’t know. You’ll want to message them and make sure you feel comfortable with them on the opposite side of the table. We also recommend verifying your own identity to let other users know who you are. We currently offer a basic arbitration/dispute management process. Origin team members will make judgme...
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