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Make a Blockchain Business Card….that you can give away as a token (No coding needed)

How to make a Blockchain Business Card….that you can give away as a token (No coding needed) You are a tech savvy person — you have business cards. But you want to stand out — now you can, by giving out businesses card that are tokens on the blockchain. Did I mention its free (minus transaction fees)????

At your next conference, don’t give away a business card — give away an ERC-721 business card! Send it to the acquaintance’s ethereum address and they will receive it in ~15 seconds.

My business card …. lets turn it into an ERC-721 Here is how you make your Ethereum ERC-721 Business card Step 1: Get an Image for your Card

Either make an image, or write some text up in paint, and upload it as an image somewhere. Lets use for this example.

Cool — its uploaded. Right click the image and press “Copy Image Address”

Copy your link for the image, the direct link by right clicking your image and pressing “Copy Image address”

Not:, but instead this:

(make sure it ends in a file extension like .jpg or .png)

Step 2: Open the Mintable Creator

You need Metamask for this step — You are creating a smart contract on the blockchain here (Don’t worry you don’t need to know any code, just need a wallet with maybe 0.40 cents USD to pay for the fee) and then “Guided Create” Enter the name of your Business Card This is displayed as the title of the token in your recipients address. So a name like “Zach @ — Business Card” is perfect. Set the Symbol — Important Step!

Since we can’t display our business card’s details across every wallet or interface like etherscan automatically, we have to do a little trick in this step.

For the symbol put the following text — “See my details @ + this token’s address” This way, whenever people see this token, they have instructions on how to vi...
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