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Ethereum 2.0 Not Delayed "By Even a Single Day" Says Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum’s inventor, has stated recent discussions regarding governance and so on have not affected ethereum 2.0 development. Speaking publicly, he said:

“While I get frustrated with the antics of the ‘chattering classes’ myself, it’s important to keep in mind that Prysmatic, Lighthouse, the eth2 research team, etc etc are all continuing work right on schedule, and the recent governance noises, while loud and annoying, did not delay the progress of eth2 by even a single day.

State channel and Plasma and ZK rollup devs are similarly steadily moving forward, as are the 1.x rent proposals.

The existing 1.0 clients are being tirelessly upgraded to better handle the load of the current chain, with a huge victory a few months ago in dropping uncle rates as well as constant improvements in block propagation.

When you’re making a bet on the ethereum ecosystem, it’s those silent armies you are betting on.”

Ethereum has a number of development teams with the Ethereum Foundation itself employing about 100 individuals.

Then there’s ConsenSys, which has a far bigger staff count, with Status also rising as a dev powerhouse of sorts, funding the eth2.0 client Nimbus which recently launched a Proof of Stake (PoS) testnet.

The ethereum ecosystem visualized.

As can be seen above there are numerous projects with different degrees of connections between them according to an analysis, with Parity Tech for example smaller than some eth dapps.

In a press conference by the Ethereum Foundation (EF), Danny Ryan, a researcher at EF, stated:

“With respect to the Beacon Chain and Eth2.0, the approach right now is to move quickly – before we get to phase two which is when user level activity comes in – move pretty rapidly and build the core architecture.”

The ethereum dev ecosystem is so big that new approaches or even inventions of sort take even Buterin by surprise who commented at the same conference th...

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