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Deep Exposure = Greater Gains & Reduced Losses - Why I Created a Tool to Buy and Manage the Entire Crypto Market

Why I bought the entire Cryptocurrency market — Introducing BulkChain


The Background

Like millions of others, I was introduced to cryptocurrency during late 2017. Since I was already investing in traditional financial markets, my first instinct was to mirror my investment strategy within the realm of crypto. It seemed like it should be simple enough at the time; all I needed to do was make sure that I acquired a stake in every potential winner in this market as I did with my other index funds.

I quickly realized that my optimism about how easy this would be was completely baseless — total market ownership was actually next to impossible. There may have been tons of top 10, top 20 and even top 100 cryptocurrency indexes, but by the time I got started there were already thousands of coins on the market. The number of coins was growing every day, and I didn’t want to miss out on a single one that had potential.

But why would I want to own every currency on the market? We all know that the majority of alt-coins are highly unstable and some are outright scams, but in a huge portfolio of them, the gains of the winners can write off any losses. The majority of coins in the top 100, both now and at the height of 2017, started out trading for fractions of a cent per coin with total market caps in the tens of thousands and then grew to be worth hundreds of millions.

Purchasable Micro Cap Coins in the top 1000 today My Strategy

It made sense to me to have at least some small share of ownership in every single cryptocurrency, regardless of whether or not I expected it to succeed. Since cryptocurrency was already the “unstable” portion of my portfolio, I was okay with the level of risk I was exposing myself to.

My logic was pretty simple. If just one of the least valuable coins jumped to the top 100, I could write off any losses and then some. There were already tons of examples of this happening when I star...

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