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BitMEX Launches Research Site, Finds Potential Bug In Ethereum Parity Full Node

Despite being “several hundred thousand blocks” behind the Ethereum blockchain tip, the Parity full node is reporting to be in sync at least some of the time.

The Hong Kong-based bitcoin futures exchange BitMEX has announced the launch of its research department's new website,, meant to provide data analysis related to the "computational resources each Ethereum node requires." Although the research site has only been collecting data for Ethereum node client implementations Parity and Geth since the beginning of March, BitMEX is reporting a potential bug found in the syncing of the Parity full node with the Ethereum blockchain.

Developed in collaboration with blockchain analysis firm TokenAnalyst, Nodestats highlights key data for Parity and Geth clients, comparing different node configuration requirements related to CPU usage, memory, bandwidth, and storage space. The site is connected to five different Ethereum nodes, collecting updated data every five seconds before then displaying the rolling averages.

While the site collects data for Parity and Geth, BitMEX's announcement focuses on the information that is already being gathered for Parity. According to BitMEX, the Parity full node has still not completely synced with the Ethereum blockchain and is about 450,000 blocks behind the blockchain's tip. At the moment, the slow sync isn't necessarily an issue. BitMEX states:

"[B]ased on its current trajectory, it should catch up with the main chain tip in a few days. … While the slow initial sync is a potential problem, at least for this system setup, Ethereum has not yet reached a point where the node cannot catch up, as the synch is faster than the rate of blockchain growth."

However, despite the fact that the Parity node is 450,000 blocks behind the Ethereum blockchain tip, BitMEX's researchers are finding an irregularity in how much of the blockchain the Parity node is reporting to be synced with. According to BitMEX, ...

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