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Aragon Q4 Development Update

The progress of development from the fourth quarter of 2018

The fourth quarter of 2018, spanning the months of October to December, was all about shipping, iterating, and then more shipping. The period also coincided with many breakthroughs on our research, from scalable on-chain voting to a crystallization of the first version of the Aragon Network. The results have helped guide the Aragon project’s product roadmap as well as the Flock proposals of Aragon One and the Aragon DAC.

Aragon 0.6 and aragonOS 4

Both the Aragon 0.6 release, named "Alba", and the latest iteration of aragonOS saw the light of day. See previous posts for the Aragon client and aragonOS 4 for in-depth announcements.

The huge spike in completed progress of Aragon 0.6 as DevCon IV neared.

After the release of Aragon 0.6, the team at Aragon One took time to gather all the user feedback and UX issues. Afterward, some unexpected behavior with the Mainnet contracts was discovered. Thus we released three incremental updates to the client: 0.6.0-hotfix, 0.6.1, and 0.6.2.

0.6.0-hotfix An important hotfix to patch an infinite loop that caused the app to crash during organization on-boarding for some users 0.6.1 Support for AGP-1 A number of animation improvements and bug fixes 0.6.2 Initial support for EIP-1102 (privacy mode for Ethereum providers) Organization switcher, allowing you to browse and bookmark multiple organizations Completely redesigned radspec descriptions in the signing panel. This greatly improves the description of a proposed on-chain action Many clarification improvements and bug fixes. including properly handling the DS-Token (e.g. DAI) edge case of how symbols and names are reported

Luis also put on his developer hat and did a few quick iterations to stabilize a desktop version of Aragon 0.6. Thus a truly decentralized, user-friendly way will become available for the users of Aragon. The work continues towards launching this alo...

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