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A Definitive List of Ethereum Developer Tools...Hundreds of 'em

A Definitive List of Ethereum Developer Tools A guide to available tools, components, frameworks, and platforms for developing applications on Ethereum.

Feb 11

For any developer — whether you’re a wide-eyed Web3 novice or a grizzled OG crypto-anarchist tech overlord — Github is your friend. The ConsenSys Github in particular features perhaps the most definitive repository for Ethereum dev tools you’ll find on the entire Internet. Whether it’s the basics, coding languages, IDEs, APIs, ABIs, frameworks, best practices, smart contract standards, testing tools, or faucets, the ConsenSys Github has what you need to start building decentralized apps on the Ethereum blockchain now.

Creation of this list was spurred by product managers at ConsenSys who saw a need for better sharing of tools, development patterns, and components amongst both new and experienced blockchain developers. If you’re ready to delve into the wormhole, get scrolling! To stay updated on all things ConsenSys and Ethereum, sign up for the weekly newsletter and stay abreast of all the latest updates and news.

New developers Start Here! Solidity — The most popular smart contract language. Truffle — Most popular smart contract development, testing, and deployment framework. Install the CLI via NPM and start here to write your first smart contracts. Metamask — Chrome extension wallet to interact with Dapps. Truffle boxes — Packaged components for the Ethereum ecosystem — Comprehensive crowdsourced overview of Ethereum- its history, governance, future plans and development resources. Infura — Scalable, secure, and reliable access to the Ethereum network. Developer Tools Developing Smart Contracts Smart Contract Languages Solidity — Ethereum smart contracting language Bamboo — A morphing smart contract language Vyper — New experimental pythonic programming language LLL — Low-level Lisp-like Language Flint — New language under development with secur...
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