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Nevada: Storing marriage certificates on the Ethereum blockchian

Nevada’s WashoeCounty is quite ahead in the race when it comes to blockchain use in government programs. Now it’s time for marriage certificates that will be available on the blockchain. Citing specifically the use of DLT to issue digital marriage certificates, the Silver State had already integrated the technology or were running trials.

In April 2018, Washoe County issued its first marriage certificate which was stored on a blockchain. In total, 950 such digital certificates, which use smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain for security, had been issued to couples residing both within and outside Nevada.

The program allows anyone who gets married in the county to view and send a digital version of their marriage certificate from their computer or smartphone. And also, customers using the blockchain marriage certificates no longer have to wait seven to ten business days to receive them. Instead, their certificate arrives via email in less than 24 hours.

Titan Seal, the company behind WashoeCounty’s digital marriage certificates, told the journal that:

“It is actively looking for a DMV partner in the country to potentially create a digital driver’s license that is certified through blockchain technology”.

Legislators near Colorado are considering plans to exclude digital trademarks from various securities laws. The digital certificates, despite their legitimacy in the authorities, have received varying degrees of acceptance and even improved their provenance over traditional paper versions. However, the gradual introduction of blockchain into real-world scenarios continues to see mixed success in the U.S.

Link to the original article can be found here.

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