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Core Philosophy Of ETC : Decentralization & Immutability


Blockchains Must 'Guarantee Immutability' to Remain Competitive, Ethereum Classic Developer Says


Blockchains Must 'Guarantee Immutability' to Remain Competitive, Ethereum Classic Developer Says Ethereum Classic (ETC) developers believe strongly in the "principles of decentralization and immutability." ETC developer, Igor Artamonov, recently noted that centrally managed blockchains are extremely expensive to maintain.

Igor Artamonov, the founder and technology lead at ETCDEV, a group of software engineers focusing on Ethereum Classic (ETC) core development, recently explained that ETC’s technology is compatible with Ethereum (ETH) on the API and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) level.

However, features developed on the Ethereum network that could potentially compromise security and make it prone to centralization are not supported by ETC, Artamonov noted. He added that smart contracts and decentralized applications (DApps) built on the Ethereum blockchain will also function on the Ethereum Classic network.

The computer science and management graduate clarified that developer tools created for Ethereum will work with Ethereum Classic as well. The developer tools would also be compatible with most Ethereum forks and private Ethereum-based networks, Artamonov explained.

ECIP-1017, ProgPoW

He continued: “So, technically we have multiple public networks [that are] compatible with each other in 99% [of] cases. Notice that it’s comp...

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