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WORBLI tokens on ChainRift!

With our network up and running and our user account not far away, we’ve experienced quite a large increase in demand for our WBI tokens! Developers and members of our community are keen to get their hands on our token so that they can jump right in and begin using and building on our fully operational blockchain with over 30 block producers! The WBI token is a true utility token, representing and needed to access the resources within the WORBLI ecosystem.

In order to cater to this demand and to celebrate our launch and achievements this far, we have decided to hold a token sale with the help of one of our block producers, ChainRift EOS. Via their ChainRift exchange, this sale will occur over a period of a few days, where we plan on offering 70 million of our native WBI utility tokens.

When did the sale start?

The sale started on the 15th of November, 9pm US east coast time, with individuals who submitted our “register your interest” form being granted a slightly earlier access.

Where will the sale be held?

The sale is being held on the ChainRift exchange. You can register and sign up by visiting this link:


What will the sale involve?

You will need to register and log in to your ChainRift exchange account in order to access the sale. You will be able to see the current price of the WBI tokens and purchase them at this level. You will also be able to store your tokens within ChainRift exchange platform and you’ll be able to withdraw these into your personal WORBLI user account when we launch this feature on the 21st of November.

This is a fantastic opportunity to jump right in and grab yourself some WBI utility tokens to be used on our incredible network. We hope you are just as excited as us, so save the date and don’t miss out!

If you have any questions regarding the sale (or anything else for that matter), don’t hesitate to ask us in our telegram channel. Continue on trybe.one

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