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Ultra.io - EOS sister chain, interview about the future of gaming on Blockchain!

BlockchainReporter sat down with Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO of Ultra, to discuss blockchain, gaming, and the Blockchain Gaming Alliance.

Q: You have always emphasized Ultra’s desire to remove the monopoly that exists in the gaming world. How does your recent joining of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance fit into that?

A: Well, the goal of the Blockchain Gaming Alliance is to inform the gaming community of the capacity of blockchain and to help them understand how blockchain benefits them and allows them to create better games and addresses the industry as a whole.

A lot of people are scared of blockchain because they don’t understand it and that’s where we come by helping to demystify it.

Q: And how does your team intend to incentivize the gaming community to switch to Ultra?

A: We intend to do this through the use of exclusive content. The same way consumers would buy a Nintendo because of the games that are available only to them.

They also have the ability to earn money on Ultra. Someone in East Asia or some parts of Europe might not have as much purchasing power as someone in other parts of the world. Through our rewards system, they are able to purchase more games.

By interacting with our platform and earning reward tokens, they don’t have to pay full price for games.

Also, we have a complete ecosystem on Ultra. Typically, you’d have to go to one site for e-sports and another for tournaments. On Ultra, the ecosystem is in one place and encompasses e-sports, betting, tournaments and so on.

Q: In what way does blockchain give Ultra an edge over traditional gaming platforms?

A: Blockchain gives a whole world of new capabilities.

First, you have the instant payment benefit. Traditionally, a developer would either have to spend a lot of money on developing the game itself and even more on marketing. So they’d get a publisher who would foot the costs and take a percentage of profits. Continue on blockchainreporter.net

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