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Trybe TV - Carmel.io: Learn to code on EOS through interactive videos. Build a portfolio as you go

A quick chat with Dan Calinescu of Carmel.io a new platform that allows you to learn to code through interactive videos as you progress and create a portfolio on blockchain that your future employers can actually see and use to evaluate your newly learned skills.What can I say about Dan? Fellow Canadian, a survivor of a seriously disadvantaged youth, and just one of the coolest guys I have had the opportunity to chat with in a long time. Doubt me? read this blog post talking about how he came up and where he found his passion for learning. Likely one of the best and most motivating blog posts I have ever read. No lie.https://carmel.io/story/i-could-have-...Carmel is a really neat application and I personally plan on taking a few courses. interested in finding out more? find them here.Web: www.carmel.ioTelegram: https://t.me/carmelplatformTwitter: https://twitter.com/carmelplatformYoutube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjiQ...Medium: https://medium.com/carmelplatformGithub: https://github.com/fluidtrends/carmel

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