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Trybe Airdrop Problems/Contact Info

Hi Trybeians/Trybiees/Trybettes—Friends of Trybe

I have had a few people who have not been getting their airdrops lately, and many of them are waiting for months to see if this will change. I want to let you know this will not change without taking action, and also we are not able to backdate old airdrops so please TAKE ACTION NOW!

The post I am writing is not an article more of a helpful message. I want to do a video on how to link your account on Trybe and I might also write out an article for you guys as well but for right now please if you are not receiving your airdrops then feel free to direct message me or any of the other guys on the team for help with this matter. Here are all the places and usernames you can contact to help get your sorted and claiming your airdrop.

Trybe Direct Message Me/Martin – dobsdies Johan – abi7ity Jimmy – jrdeosa Tone – smallfries Me/Martin – @DobsDies Johan – @johanbeneke Jimmy – @JRDiegel Tone – @VirtualNomadic

Any Admin or Trybe team member on here preferably Me/Martin, Johan or Jimmy as I am not sure Tone is on here yet, but I am sure he will be soon if not already.

You can contact Tom or Matt if you wish to go above our heads for anything however if it is for simple things like the airdrops I would prefer you didn’t as these guys are super busy making sure the site runs and moves forward.

Also If you need to contact a developer for any reason, please speak to Me Matt or Johan, and we will get in touch with them if required. The reason we do it this way is that the Devs work super hard and sometimes struggle with getting time for other things so if it is something we can already help you with then we will before we goto them.

Back to the Airdrop

As a quick check, you can go to your profile as seen in the picture below and check if your EOS account is linked to your Trybe account to make sure you are part of the next snapshot.

Anything else you are unsure of or that ...

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