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SVK Crypto with Block.one at Blockchain Live 2018

SVK Crypto took part in one the biggest blockchain event in London this year; Blockchain Live, an international blockchain event for the public and private sector held at Olympia on September 26. BlockchainLive partnered with Block.one, a global-leading blockchain software company and publisher of the ground-breaking EOSIO protocol, as the exclusive strategic partner for the event.Blockchain Live aimed to unlock the value of blockchain for enterprise and the public sector. It featured nine free stages of content, 100+ expert speakers, 50 blockchain suppliers and 3,000 visitors. It provided practical, cross-sector case studies, keynotes and product solutions for blockchain application, business modelling and strategic planning delivered by pioneers and product providers who’ve been there, done it and made it work.It is the only blockchain event of its size in London dedicated to tackling the challenges related to blockchain adoption.The agenda featured keynotes, case studies in financial services, energy, real estate and government, as well as lively panel discussions, interactive workshops and insights into the latest in tech and software developments.“The impact of blockchain on businesses and across industries is undeniable,” said Brendan Blumer, CEO of Block.one. “We’re thrilled to participate as the strategic partner of Blockchain Live and, as publisher of EOSIO, pioneer the operating platform that can bring mass adoption of blockchain technology and showcase how it is now supporting real-world use cases and projects.”The event programme contained world-renowned speakers and aimed to educate and advise the audience using case studies, panel discussions, expert seminars and live debate. It includes:Daniel Larimer, CTO and Co-Founder, Block.one and founder of BitShares and Steemit, three of the most well-regarded blockchain projects in the worldBrendan Blumer, CEO and Co-Founder, Block.one, a serial entrepreneur and blockchain pioneerRob Jesudason, ...

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