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Starteos EOS Block Producer Says it Will Share Proceeds with its Voters

Starteos, one of the 21 block producers of the EOS blockchain has reportedly announced it would share part of its profits with users who hold its tokens, as a way of appreciating its voters, Finance Magnates reported Dec. 4, 2018.

Starteos Helping Voter Survive the Crypto Winter

Starteos, a firm that claims to be dedicated to promoting the development of the blockchain ecosystem and one of the 21 block producers of the EOS network, has reportedly made it clear that it would offer financial rewards to voters to help them survive the crypto market slump.

“Starteos is still gonna stay with YOU, our most important and best friends! And we gonna share the proceeds with you and make through the difficulties together,” wrote Starteos.

The platform also reiterated via a Medium blog post that after extensively deliberating with its team, it was agreed that giving financial incentives to its loyal wallet users will go a long way in helping them remain “fearless” in this crypto meltdown.

“Starteos understands that many investors assets have shrunk significantly. In a bid to let our loyal wallet users be fearless and panic-free in the cold ‘winter,’ after our internal discussion, we decided to share the proceeds with you,” added Starteos.

With this latest development, Starteos claims all users who delegate Starteos.io as a proxy will start receiving continuous and stable EOS revenue.  

EOS Condemned yet Again

While Starteos’ decision to share its revenue with users may appear a forward-thinking maneuver to some, the move has however raised more questions concerning the decentralization of the EOS blockchain.

It’s worth noting that this is not the first time that EOS has been criticized for operating as a centralized database despite claiming to be a full-fledged distributed ledger technology (DLT) democratic network.

As reported by BTCManager earlier in June 2018, the 21 block producers of the EOS network decide...

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