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Smart Contracts on EOS

Has anybody heared about mywish project? I have just found a great summarized article which try to explain it. My opinion this would be and will be a very succefully project because of they will make a first smart contracts on EOS platform!

One of the most important information about this project that those members who have WISH or EOS tokens they can participate EOSISH airdrop.

My point of view smart contracts will change many-many things in our life.Mywish project started as more other projects on ETH platform.Nowdays when smart contract became popular they released their smart contracts on Neo, Bitcoin and EOS platform too.

Now I would like to share with you some interesting information which shared by Vladimir Tikhomirov (CEO MyWish) :

The Problem

We tried to get the attention of the larger community and platform support from the big players during our Smart contract launches on new platforms. The competitive nature of the Blockchain platforms has put us at a disadvantage. Although $Wish supports and promotes Smart contracts on multiple platforms, there was some reservation from a few platforms in openly supporting a project with a native ERC20 $ETH based token.

Bold New Step

Recently we have received a lot of support from the EOS community and Team. MyWish team has decided to address the problems we ran in with other blockchain projects. We have decided to take a bold new step to get closer to the EOS community and Project.

EOS Smart Contract

The MyWish team has decided to launch a new token specially for the EOS Smart Contracts.

On the 12th of September 2018 MyWish Smart Contract Platform releases EOSISH — an Airdrop Token which automatically values. A separate domain was created in order to identify it as an important, serious project which has no other competitors. Furthermore, it is a sadly common thing for cryptocurrency holders to start a civil war and fight over their “crypt...

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