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Platforms Switching over to EOS - September 18 Update

About a month ago i made a little compilation about projects and platforms that are moving to EOS from other blockchains, most notably Ethereum. Here is the list:  https://trybe.one/platforms-switching-over-to-eos/

So a month later, and the bear market in full swing it thought it  was a good thing to look at it again and include hints i got from other users. Big thanks to @cryptosteve @compilationchannel @leahpaint @guzdqnzwgqge @sugarfix who have been contributing to this list! Not all of those are recent announcements but as they have been lacking in the first article, i am including them now:

EOSisch (myWish – enables SmartContracts without coding) https://medium.com/@VladimirTikhomirov/eos-brought-game-changing-standards-to-crypto-meet-the-eosish-token-d0300958e679

They generally aim to be platform agnostic, but user accounts will be based on EOS. (Originally ETH based)

Sentinel Protocol (Security / Anti-Hacking Software) https://www.reddit.com/r/Sentinel_Protocol/comments/98grpo/is_sentinel_protocol_still_on_icx/?st=JL2F39IT&sh=6fee2d36 Fun fact, they announced it in course of a ama video, baffling their own community! They are moving over from ICON

ZAP (Blockchain orcale) https://media.zapproject.org/zap-project-june-update-7cbeea139f78

Eternal Trusts (fiduciary crypto protocol) https://medium.com/@EternalTrusts/why-are-we-moving-over-to-eos-f460e525e319

No Limit Coin (Fantasy Sports) https://medium.com/nolimitcoin-nlc2/nlos-no-limit-operating-system-announcement-75d4b20d4777 They will not use EOS mainnet but intend to build up their own chain, based on an EOS.io Code Fork.

InstarToken (Insights Networks token) https://medium.com/insightsnetwork/why-eos-over-ethereum-for-insights-network-7521aa4f7076

Elementh (E-commerce) – Building on an EOS.io blockchain (unconfirmed)

Dual- & Blockchain agnostic projects, introducing EOS support:

XYZ (Blockchain oracle) https:/...

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