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Life of a Small Time Investor


So, I am not someone who has vast wealth at their disposal. I am just some dude who has been following the cryptospace for several years and never took the plunge into this world. As of 2016 this all changed when I took the risk and managed to accumulate some funds that I could afford to lose, as with any investment there is always an inherent risk!

I would consider myself an EOS advocate and the majority of my portfolio is with EOS and the EOS token market that has appeared and grown since. This blog is intended to share my experience with the crypto world and help those learn from my mistakes and triumphs. Though as always this blog is not investment advice just how the chips have fallen for me so far and the biggest piece of advice I have is do your own research!

A Little History

I bought into EOS during the ICO phase as I believe this blockchain has the potential to expand and evolve into one of the key players in this market, I wanted to be one of those guys who can claim I was there at ground zero in 10 years time when the disruption of crypto has taken over the world. I chose EOS due to the Proof of Stake functionality and the reputation that Dan Larimer and the success of his previous projects.(Steemit, Bitshares) There are many great projects out there and ultimately we want them all to do well to allow the cryptospace to grow as a whole.

I sat on my investment until the official launch of the chain and was able to vote in the original launch, maybe only small but I wanted to be part of the action. By being in the genesis block it ensured that I could capitalize on the airdrops that have been granted to us Day 1 believers.

Tools of the Trade

Following launch it is important to keep on top of this market and there are many websites and videos that have helped me in keeping track of my investment and allowing it too grow. The key sites and apps that I check every morning are;

Coin Market...

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