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How to claim your BOScore tokendrop using scatter V10.1.1

Just another quick tutorial on how to claim your BOS tokens with the latest version of Scatter.

First download and install the latest version of Scatter using this tutorial. Don’t forget to check the hash value! Now, off to claiming your dropped BOS tokens!

Firstly, you need to realise that this airdop is not based on the Genesis snapshot, so if you changed your keys after launch, your account will neatly show up under your existing keys in Scatter. Start Scatter and enter your password to see your accounts. Now first, hit the settings button on the right end and enter the network settings:

Now choose Network settings in the ‘Dager area’ and confirm your password again for safety reasons:

Hit the ‘ADD’ button to add a network and fill in the values below. You can fetch / generate the network ID by clicking ‘fetch chain ID’. It should generate: d5a3d18fbb3c084e3b1f3fa98c21014b5f3db536cc15d08f9f6479517c6a3d86

Now comes the important part. Click the ‘Use custom system Token‘ and fill in the following:


If you don’t do this, the tokens will appear in your wallet, but they will be called EOS, instead of BOS  which would be quite confusing. Click the save button and your BOS network should be added to your keys!

You can now click the ‘Back’ button in the top right to return to your keys. You should now see your normal Mainnet account on the left side, with a notification below the name ‘2 linked accounts’, which means the account is added to the key. If you click the account name, you will see the new BOS account (which has a NEW account name! that is different from your mainnet account name. below the ‘1 Token’ button you can check your balance.

Please note, that i’ve created this tutorial on the go, so if i’ve missed something please do not hesitate to reply below. If this tutorial has been helpful, please leave some stars, thanks and be safe!

Happy BOS-ing!

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